"To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to highly recommend The Squires Residence for your loved one.  Our father, Emerson Hough, lived the last few months of his life at the Squires Residence.  When we needed a "higher level of care" for my father, we were blessed to find the Squires Residence.  I was forced to do a lot of research very quickly, and can assure you that we found their rates to be very reasonable.  More importantly, we could not have asked for better, more compassionate care.  

You will find Carie Squires to be an extremely knowledgeable and gifted RN.  She was able to reduce a stubborn swelling of his leg we had struggled with for years.  She was very attentive, watching for and treating any bedsores, noticing changes in appetite or alertness, or other physical indications.  She kept us informed and was able to effectively deal with all members of the family and the different ways that we coped during his last few months.  More to the point, both Carie and Pete were always patient and pleasant with Dad, even when he could not return the favor.  In addition to his considerable knowledge and experience, we appreciated Pete Squires' strength, decisiveness and poise.  It was reassuring to know Pete could not only help my father physically if needed, but do so quickly and calmly.

Together, Pete and Carie provided not just bed and board for my father, but a home filled with laughter, patience and understanding.  I never experienced a moment's worry while Dad was in their care.  Carie knew exactly what to do and say for Dad in his final hours, including when and how to call for hospice care.  She helped us to know what to expect and was a source of comfort and strength for us during a difficult time.  

My sisters and I highly recommend the Squires Residence for your loved one.  We can assure you they will provide excellent care and more."

Best regards,
Sherel W

"Thank you so much for taking great care of Dad. You guys are wonderful people."

Dave & Cheryl

"Thank You!

Do you have a loved one who needs special loving care and you don't have anyone to care for them? Our Helen needed special care we were no longer able to care for her at home and we did not want her to go to any nursing home, but by the grace of God we found the perfect place for her, The Squires Residence, where she was cared for with love and compassion that we did not feel existed outside our home.

Our Deepest thanks to you, Carie and Pete Squires."

Family of Helen Gee

"Carie & Pete

I don't have words to say about how thankful I am that you were able to take care of our mother. I fully believe that she would not have received the kind of care she received with the two of you anywhere else.

We are so ever grateful for you both"

Melanie & Ron W

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"First I would like to thank Carie and Pete for the compassionate care they provided our mother. When mom rallied from her stay at Hospice House it was evident she could not return to assisted living, we were left with a frantic need. We visited home after home and didn't feel "it" until we met with the Squires. Pete and Carie sat us down, made us feel welcome, and assured us not only our mother but we would also be part of their family should our mom move there. Little did we know that mom would need the type of care that required Carie to sleep in mom's room in her recliner to keep her safe. Dementia is a cruel disease but Carie reminded us regularly that it's the disease, not our mother's fault. Mom was safe, and we felt relief. I would recommend the Squire's Residence to anyone who's family member requires the kind of care you yourself would give if only you could keep them home. Pete and Carie will forever have a place in our hearts and prayers."

Thank you,
The Family of Mary Marshall